• Make art that features watercolors or gouache in July!
  • Post It!*
  • Add the hashtags #WorldWatercolorMonth and #WorldWatercolorMonth2024
  • Repeat!

NOTE: Post however often you like during the month. You can post a new painting each time or show the steps of your progress on a larger painting. Post daily, weekly, or whatever schedule works for you! Just show up when you can and join the global celebration during July!

Have fun and enjoy!

*Post on social media or join our free artist community at Doodlewash® and post there!

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NOTE: Prompts are entirely optional!

But, if you'd appreciate some ideas to help come up with something to create each day, prompts can be helpful and lots of fun! It's really enjoyable to watch what others come up with for the prompts as well. Whatever you create, make sure it's something you love!


Prompts From Previous Years

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