Frequently Asked Questions

When is World Watercolor Month?

World Watercolor Month is celebrated annually during the month of July. 

What is considered "Watercolor"?

The term "watercolor" for this event, applies to watercolors and gouache (re-wettable media). As the name implies, this event is a celebration of watercolor, a wondrous medium that has been around for thousands of years. If it's not your primary medium, we happily invite you to give it a try in July!

Can I Use Ink Or Other Mediums With Watercolor?

You bet! As long as watercolor is still the featured medium used. For example, ink and watercolor are a wonderful combo and artists have also created other mixed media pieces during the event. Just keep in mind that we're celebrating watercolor, so be sure to keep that medium the most prominent, and the star of the show!

Can I Work Digitally?

Not for this particular event. World Watercolor Month was founded as a celebration of the traditional, tangible, re-wettable medium of watercolors and gouache paint. There really isn't a digital equivalent to that experience. However, if we can't convince you to start splashing around water and entice you try traditional watercolors and gouache on paper and canvas, then you can still join us in July for the regular Doodlewash monthly challenge using the hashtag #doodlewashJuly2024 - The World Watercolor Month hashtag is still reserved in celebration of the traditional, non-digital medium.

How And Where Do I Post My Watercolor Artwork?

World Watercolor Month is primarily a social media challenge, so you can simply post your art on your favorite social network and add both the hashtags: #WorldWatercolorMonth and #WorldWatercolorMonth2024 so others can find it. On Instagram, you can follow each hashtag during the month to see what others are posting. You can also join our World Watercolor Group on Facebook and post your watercolors there!

What If I Don't Use Social Media?

If you don't have a social media account, then you can still complete the challenge on your own, or join up with friends and do it together, meeting to share your work in person during the month. You can also join the free artist community on Doodlewash and post your work there!

Do I Have To Post Daily During The Month?

Nope! It's all up to you! How often or how many watercolors you post is totally your choice! The 31 watercolors in 31 days is merely the ultimate challenge, if you'd like to take part in that. Otherwise, just make something when you can and share it whenever you like! Some artists do one large painting a week, for example, during the month. Others often share their mixing experiments or paintings in progress. It's all about practice and learning, so do whatever works best for you!

Do I Have To Use The Official Prompt List?

Nope! What you choose to paint is entirely up to you! We've just found that prompts are super helpful for those attempting the 31 watercolors, 31 days ultimate challenge to stay inspired and never run out of ideas. And, it's always fun to see how others might interpret a particular prompt.

If I Choose To Use Prompts, Do I Have to Go In Order?

You can use the prompts in any order you like! However, most artists who use the prompts do choose to make something on the corresponding day. Part of the fun of the month is seeing what others create for a particular day's prompt.

Is World Watercolor Month A Contest?

Not at all! This isn't a competition to win anything beyond the pride of creating awesome watercolors and sharing them with a friendly global community. World Watercolor Month is simply an art challenge meant to inspire people to paint with watercolors and gouache!

Where Can I Buy World Watercolor Month Merch?

Right here on this site via the Shop link, once the store is live! The store opens in June and the limited edition products are only available for sale through the end of July. 100% of profits made in the shop go to help fund the International Child Art Foundation and support our future artists! So, thanks in advance for shopping!

How Do I Become An Official Sponsor or Artist Ambassador?

If you're interested in becoming a sponsor or artist ambassador for World Watercolor Month, then send me a note here!

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